How to Pay Less Tax and Make Wiser Insurance Investments

Learn How to Invest Funds Tax-Free with Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. Wondering how to pay less tax and make wiser insurance investments? You’re in luck… that’s our blog topic this month! When you invest money, it works for you and provides for your future. If you’re new to investing or want to diversify and […]

Filing a Liability Claim with Homeowner’s Insurance

Get Help from Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. with a HOI Liability Claim Filing a liability claim with homeowner’s insurance (HOI) doesn’t have to be intimidating. This month, the Kent. A. Bennett Associates Inc. blog is about the HOI liability claims process. Liability coverage with HOI pays for injured parties’ expenses related to incidents that […]

Disability Insurance Provides Security and Peace of Mind

Seek Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. If You Can’t Work Per a Disability Disability insurance provides security and peace of mind. We understand that well at Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. If you can’t work due to an injury or illness, having disability insurance supplements some of your lost income. Our blog topic this month […]

How to Choose Between Term and Whole Life Insurance

Find Peace of Mind for Your Family with Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. How to choose between term and whole life insurance is our blog topic this month. Nobody likes to think about using life insurance, but it’s something each person should have. Since the industry offers two choices—term life insurance and whole life insurance—it’s […]

Understanding the Terms of Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. Knows that Home Insurance is Confusing This month, we’re blogging about understanding the terms of your homeowner’s insurance. At Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc., we know how confusing homeowner’s insurance can be. In general, homeowner’s insurance policy terms include covering: Exterior or interior repairs due to damage from fire, weather, […]

Deciding Which Car Insurance Policy Best Fits Your Needs

Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. Can Tailor a Car Insurance Policy for You Deciding which car insurance policy best fits your needs is our inaugural blog. Choosing the right insurance for your budget and vehicle can be daunting. The agents at Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. want to help. When deciding on a car insurance […]