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Top Three Travel Insurance Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. Hopes You Travel Safely on the Holidays

With the season approaching, the top three travel insurance tips for safe holiday travel is our blog topic this month. Nothing throws a wrench into holiday travel plans like an emergency or unsafe situation.  The insurance staff at Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. hopes everyone travels safely over the holidays. When planning a trip on one of the upcoming holidays, among the travel tips we recommend include:


  • Being mindful of how the weather might affect your travel plans
  • Having travel insurance
  • Trying to avoid distracted driving



Always Be Mindful of How Weather Might Affect Holiday Travel Plans

When you travel over the holidays, it’s important to pay attention to the weather. Foggy weather could make flying difficult and driving long distances on particularly cold days might be uncomfortable for certain passengers. Regardless of how you travel on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays, the weather can make or break travel plans.



Know How Winter Weather Might Impact Travel Over the Holidays?

If your travel plans on the holidays rely on driving, snow and ice could make roads slippery and dangerous. Flying over the holidays isn’t usually impacted by ice and snow, as airplanes can travel in all types of weather. Winter weather can even impact train travel on the holidays. How? Freshly fallen snow can get into a train’s engine, where it soon melts and can short out the train’s components.



When You Avoid Distracted Driving, it Means Safe Holiday Travel for All

Maybe it seems obvious to say, but when you avoid distracted driving, you ensure safe holiday travel for everyone. Getting adequate sleep before you travel over the holidays will help you avoid distracted driving. Other ways to avoid distracted driving include:


  • Always keeping your eyes on the road while driving.
  • Grooming at home.
  • Making all seat adjustments beforehand
  • Never driving while using or texting with a phone
  • Not driving while eating or drinking



Get Travel Insurance for Protection Over the Holidays

Besides checking the weather and trying to avoid distracted driving, having travel insurance adds extra protection over the holidays. Travel insurance covers damage to or theft of personal property, trip cancellation or interruption reimbursements, and sometimes flight accident issues. Many travel insurance policies include emergency services, like cash wire assistance, replacing lost passports, and re-booking flights. Medical travel insurance pays for healthcare expenses, including locating hospitals or clinics in the area to where you’ve traveled.


Learn more about travel insurance, by calling Kent A. Bennett Associates Inc. Inc at (800) 548-9119. You can stay up-to-date by checking out our Facebook page. We are happy to discuss other suggestions beyond the top three travel insurance tips for safe holiday travel.